The "Ayaslı Research Center" of METU Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering is opening on March 5, 2012.

The building of Ayaslı Research Center (ARC) is donated by Dr. Yalçın and Serpil Ayaslı, alumni (EE ’68 and EE ’73) and previous faculty member of the METU Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering. The 3,400 m2 ARC building was designed by late Behruz Çinici and it houses 19 research labs, 2 clean rooms, an ‘anechoic room’, and an ‘antenna tower’, as well as seminar and meeting rooms and reading areas.

A pioneering and significant example of energy sensitive building in Turkey, the ARC building supplies its own energy from the photovoltaic panels placed on its roof that forms the south facade and from the flexible (membrane) photovoltaic system used for the first time in Turkey. The system which constantly monitors and records solar energy production by the two photovoltaic systems, and the building’s energy consumption will serve the experimental and research purposes of the ARC.

The Ayaslı Research Center will boost the research and graduate programs of our Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering. Moreover, it will also be a valuable addition to the solar energy R&D infrastructure of our University.

We express our gratitude to Dr. Yalçın Ayaslı and Dr. Serpil Ayaslı for their generous donation.

Ayaslı binası